PLAYER A – Invited to trial at Chelsea FC

Ans: He said he could help me travel to England to start a top-level professional football career. He told me I would start off playing for a premier league club's Academy!
Ans: He demanded $3500, and also sent me seemingly genuine (but actually fake) recruitment forms to fill in which, when completed, he promised to forward to the coach of Chelsea's Academy. He even gave me a Chelsea FC t-shirt!
Ans: Regrettably, yes. I did
Ans: Not at the time, no. I was too excited to really think things through
Ans: Unfortunately, it was only after I had given him the money that he had asked for and I couldn't get hold of him afterwards that I realise.
Ans: I would advise that they 'STAR' if ever approached by persons offering deals too good to be true. I failed to do so early enough and paid dearly for it.

PLAYER B – Invited to trial at FC Bursaspor

Ans: I was initially contacted via Fieldoo and then we continued our communication via email
Ans: A man who claimed he was in charge of player recruitment at a top club in Turkey
Ans: He said he was searching for African talent to recruit for the club and had sent me an email to inquire if I was interested
Ans: The negotiations never reached the point where he could make monetary demands. Instead, he sent me recruitment forms to fill.
Ans: I contacted TBD Sports management who, on cross-checking with FC Bursaspor , discovered - and related to me - that, indeed, it was a scam.
Ans: Yes, I had never heard of the need to fill in a "recruitment form" in order to attend trials. This was my reason for contacting TBD Sports.
Ans: I had my suspicions from the beginning but TBD Sports confirmed it after they had made contact with FC Bursaspor
Ans: Be smart and use common sense. If in any doubt, do not be afraid to ask someone who may know more than you for help.

PLAYER C – Invited to trial at QPR FC

Ans: A man who used the name of a real agent from the FIFA website
Ans: He initially asked me to send him my CV along with a few other forms that he said will make up a contract. He later got back to me and said that he had spoken to a few clubs and that one was interested in me and would like me to come and spend 3 weeks with them as a trialist
Ans: He didn't say he represented any club but he said he had been in touch with Queens Park Rangers (QPR) and that him and his "sponsors" were discussing bringing me to the UK to honour the trial
Ans: He asked me to send him £300 along with the CV and other forms
Ans: I contacted TBD Sports management who advised me not to make the payment
Ans: Yes, the fact that he was asking me to send money even though he had never seen me play of watched any videos of me playing.
Ans: TBD Sports confirmed that it was not a real offer
Ans: Firstly, never send any money and secondly always ask questions

PLAYER D – Invited to trial in Dubai

Ans: He said he had trials for me in Dubai and made a reservation for me with Emirates airline. He sent me the online log in details to access the reservation. He asked me to make the payment and send him a scanned receipt so that he could process my visa application
Ans: He only informed me that he had trials for me at the Emirates club in Dubai and sent me an offer on the club’s letterhead paper
Ans: He didn't make any monetary demands. He told me that he doesn't take money from players but rather he wanted me to go to the Emirates airline local office in my country and make the payment for the reservation
Ans: I went to the airline as instructed and made a cash payment of $1820
Ans: I contacted TBD management to look into it because I started to get slightly suspicious. One day I had decided to log into my online reservation, but I got a message that the ticket had been cancelled and the money refunded. I had not made any request to have the ticket cancelled neither had I received any refund.
Ans: Not at the time. I felt quite safe because I was not sending him any money. I was making the payment for the flight myself.
Ans: It was only when I contacted Emirates airline and they confirmed that the money had been refunded into a bank account in my country (that was not mine) that I realised it was fraud
Ans: My case shows that you can be tricked in so many different ways and not just when the agent asks you to send money. If possible, try and find a well-known agent or football