Partnership and Sponsorship Opportunities - Player AIDTMand Club AIDTM

Of recent times, football relies a lot on sponsorship and partnerships to stage events at the highest level and to bring into sports money that can trickle downwards. Sponsorship is valuable not only to the high-profile events, clubs and players (that already attract large salaries and publicity) but also to the not-so-well-known divisional clubs and the up and coming players hidden within those clubs and within the grass-roots.

 Player AIDTM which stands for Player Assistance with Internal Development was initiated by TBD Sports Management to encourage player development in Africa. It aims to provide the basic requirements and support to some of those football players who are currently playing professional association football in a league club and who have the technical ability, skill, ambition and right attitude but little financial support to reach their full potential. Player AIDTM will aim to secure sponsorship from individuals, local businesses, universities (in the form of scholarships) and international companies to assist these young players.


Club AIDTM which stands for Club Assistance with Internal Development aims to connect businesses or football clubs worldwide with football clubs in Africa; and provide both financial and development assistance.


Goals and Objectives

  • ^ To encourage and support football youth development
  • Help in the protection of minors
  • Supply basic equipment to young football players to enable them focus their attention on football
  • Enable the young player to maintain a decent standard of living
  • Assist young players through injury and rehabilitation

If you are a football club, individual or business (globally or internationally) wanting the opportunity to showcase your brand in Ghana, Nigeria or Gambia, or would like to partner with a football club in these countries, please contact us to discuss partnership opportunities.